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New Jersey ban arms critics of assault weapons

KEN SERRANO @KENSERRANOAPP No one can legally possess a firearm in New Jersey like the Sig Sauer MCX that killer Omar Mateen used to gun down 49 people in Orlando.

Gun laws in New Jersey are among the tightest in the nation, gun deaths are low, and high-profile mass shootings have been virtually nonexistent.

Dozens of other states allow what gun control advocates call military-style assault weapons and Second Amendment advocates call sporting rifles.

Do we really need the rapid-fire semiautomatic rifles originally designed for the battlefield?

Or should the federal government revisit a ban on those guns that expired in 2004, enacting a ban like the one in New Jersey? Will banning semiautomatic rifles reduce mass shootings?

Major gun law reforms in Australia enacted 20 years ago have eliminated fatal mass shootings there, according to a study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Banning rapid-fire long rifles was among the

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