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Police failings exposed in Highland Park

As someone who grew up in Highland Park and moved here to raise my family, I feel an obligation to speak out about the incident involving Daniel Nagahama and I ask other Highland Park residents, and those who care about social justice, to join me in saying: Daniel Nagahama‘s life matters.

As a community, we must work to address the systemic failures of policing that may have taught the officers to respond to Nagahama as they did. We must uncover and listen to the stories of those who have been mistreated or harassed by police in Highland Park. We must demand an independent investigation — conducted by an entity outside Middlesex County — of the police and prosecutor’s actions involved in the incident with Nagahama. We must work together with law enforcement, many of whom work tirelessly every day in traumatizing and stressful situations to help and protect our most vulnerable residents, to create a system that respects the dignity of all of us. We must do all of this because Nagahama’s life matters.

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, Highland Park

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